• Wednesday, November 16, 2005

    TYC - Aftermarket Lamps

    Automotive Lamps

    TYC offers the world’s most comprehensive automotive replacement lighting products available, ranging from domestic to import applications, from passenger cars to SUVs. Quality is the hallmark of TYC products, supported by TYC’s reputation as a respected worldwide Original Equipment lamp supplier to Ford Motor Company (through Visteon), International Truck, and Fleetwood Industries. Each lamp meets or exceeds applicable DOT/SAE standards and complies with the U.S. Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, FMVSS-108.

    Performance Lamps Elegante

    TYC performance lamps allow individuals to express their unique personality without sacrificing quality and legality. From stylish and distinct design headlamps to LED tail lamps, TYC manufactures its Elegante brand of performance lamps that are far superior in fit and quality, and also 100% compliant to SAE/DOT regulations and FMVSS-108. These performance lamps’ long-lasting brilliance, spectacular design, and durability are a result of high quality materials, workmanship, and rigorous quality tests. Visit to learn more about this product line.


    At 11:31 AM, Anonymous dianek said...

    PLEASE HELP!! I am searching for TYC81-5293-31
    have been unable to findy anywhere and have an impatient customer!
    Thanks for any and all help

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